“Vegas and Moving don’t mix.”

One recipe for disaster: plan a vacation during a move.

I thought that the moment I was done working at the salon, I would be overwhelmed with all this “free” time, that things would flow like the lazy river at the MGM Grand and I would be waving from my floaty with a sippy cup full of margarita mix and completed todo lists. Instead, I’m scrambling everyday to get things done.

Maybe it’s because when you’re preparing to travel, your mind travels ahead of you, thinking about what you’ll need to pack. However, I’m still thinking about my day to day life in Edmonton and getting ready for a new life in Campbell River and, also, what do I need for the lazy river? Literally my head has been in 3 places at once.

This must be why I forgot to pack my husband’s socks and underwear. He was not the happiest of campers. The one pair of socks he did have basically disintegrated after having to walk home in them (He loaned his shoes to a friend who broke her high heels). Vegas will get you, man!

Since the house hunting trip, we still haven’t found a place to live. So, there’s a lot of work to do in that department. It was all pushed into the backseat while we got ready to go on vacay. Now, I’m on the plane flying home, and all I can think about is how full my back seat is, and all the stuff I have to get moving on ASAP.

I think my expectations about being so relaxed during packing need to change. I envisioned working hard at it, yes, but also having time to lunch with friends, walk my dog, and generally soak up as much Edmonton as I can. I need to force myself to have a routine and I need to make lists like my life depends on it.

Looks like the lazy river stays in Vegas.

It was really nice to have a breather. House hunting was more emotional than I thought it would be. I think it’s because you have to envision your life there, and whether or not a house would suit you. Once you do that, there’s a natural possessiveness that comes up and trumps all reason. Thoughts like “my table would look great there” or “I can see my art room here” or “This room would really suit our guests comfortably”

Even in temporary dwellings like hotel rooms, once you put your suitcase down, open the blinds, and pick your side of the bed, it’s “your” place, home base. It’s the place you can’t wait to get back to, when you’re walking down Las Vegas Boulevard in socks.

It’s almost May now! Things will be speeding up big time. There’s so much to try figure out. Such as, at what point do you pack up your kitchen stuff? Should we rent a u-haul trailer to get our stuff out there? How are we going to get our boat and a full trailer out there? Or, should we have a garage sale and just sell everything? It’s all becoming rather overwhelming. I’m trying my best to plan this move so we don’t wind up on the island without socks or underwear. Although, it’s not the worst thing that could happen… they did lose my luggage when we first arrived, but that’s another story.

I’m home now, and when I opened my suitcase the smell of sunscreen and vacation came rushing out. Happy memories wrapped up in a scent. Maybe I am just over thinking this whole thing, and I need to let go, to just go with the flow… of the lazy river.. or, maybe… it’s a perfect balance of both: blended together with ice, and rimmed with salt.

Now, I’ll slip onto this pink flamingo floaty here, and just get pushed along… yes… perfect.. Now, if someone could just hand me my sippy cup.

I also wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone for following and for your kind messages! If you have any tips you’d like to share with me for packing or moving long distance, please comment!

Xoxo Tegan

Vegas Pics 2018

These pictures are a joint effort, and the really professional looking ones are most likely belonging to Scott Bruck, professional photographer and owner of Shadowbox Studios in Edmonton Alberta. *the last photo is “the shoe”

“Hey! It’s up to you now!”

Thanks for joining me!

Here it is, my first broadcast, coming at your eyeballs live and fresh off my keyboard. First things first, thank you for reading and being awesome. Next thing is, I’m just figuring out how this works, so bare with me, and we can travel together. A journey is always better with a friend.

There’s a lot of people I’ve known over the years that have taken major leaps of faith: moving to new places, doing new things, changing careers, changing relationships, or making new humans. For the moment, this blog is about one of the biggest things I’ve ever chosen to do; leaving the city I was born and raised in and moving to Vancouver Island. It doesn’t seem like that wild of a thing when you say it all in one sentence, “I’m moving from Edmonton Alberta to Campbell River BC.” However, this sentence, is rocking my world.

Moving to the Island is something I’ve mulled over for a long time. As a kid, the children’s hospital in Vancouver was responsible for monitoring my heart as I grew, so every year our family would make the pilgrimage out west. My parents would take us on long walks along the different beaches at low tide. We would spend hours down there poking at little crabs, and watching fish dart around the tide pools looking for shelter. The smells and sounds completely filled me, and I felt so peaceful. For those hours it wasn’t about doctors, or visiting relatives; it was about nothing. I loved everything about it, even the sand that stayed in your shoes for the next few weeks.

I had become obsessed by the idea of sending and finding messages in a bottle. The mystery of the letter… it could be someone’s deepest wish, a secret, a call for help, or even (as truly hoped) a treasure map.

I remember thinking about what to say, and in the end, my dad helped me write “I am Tegan” along with the date and where I was. Throwing it out into the water was so exciting! Like throwing a dream into the universe and saying, “Hey! It’s up to you now!” I hope someone found the bottle, and it made their day, otherwise I just littered. (And yes, this is a verifiable story, my parents would love to tell you all about it.)

I feel that same kind of excitement now, throwing myself into the unknown, inside a glass bottle of expectations.

Sometimes, it’s easier to dream about something than to actually commit to pursuing it. This whole thing has become something I didn’t expect. A delicate undoing of the fabric of my life. For what are we, but a sum of our choices? If someone asked you, “What is something you wish you would’ve done?” or “What is something you wish you could change in your life?” What would your answer be?

We all have one, “the road un-walked”, “the door unopened”, the “what if’s?”

Now, after you describe the things you would change, or the dream you always wanted to pursue, the person pulls out a button and says, “Push this and everything you said will come true.” Whoaaaaaaaa, whoa, whoa! Now, you’re suddenly faced with the responsibility of your wishes. Suddenly, you have to think about what you already have, and weigh it against the unknown. Every choice you’ve made has led you to this exact moment; reading these words.

My last day of work was just this last Friday. It snuck up on me like a wedding day. Seeming so far away and then suddenly, all at once it was over. The emotional overload was a giant wave that came crashing down, and left me in bed for a whole day.

I prepared myself for dealing with people’s disappointment, discouragement, or even anger. All our conversations tinged with a loss we would both feel. What I wasn’t prepared for was that along with the sorrow, there was an overwhelming amount of support and love. I was tremendously touched by thank you cards, gifts, flowers, and surprise visits. All of it made me really appreciate, with the deepest gratitude, that I’ve been truly blessed here.

I would never want anyone to think I took a moment for granted, or am ungrateful for my life here. I love everyone so much, I just think that the ocean stole my heart, a long time ago.